My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Venison Jalapeno Sandwich Anyone?

Have you ever heard of venison (deer) jalapeno sandwiches? I think my husband just made it up but he loves it. You take leftover fried venison steak and put it on fresh bread and top with jalapenos. That's it, nothing else, plain and simple but wonderful for all those wild guys and gals out there who like it hot and wild.
Ricks now famous venison jalapeno sandwich
This sandwich originally started out here, with my dad preparing his life long proven recipie and preperation techniques. He takes good venison steaks, pounds them on both sides then seasons and dips them in flour on both sides. In the meantime he has his comfortable cooking electric skillit (an iron one is great also) and when the oil (he grew up using lard) is ribboning (not quite sizziling) just right.

Dad/Grandpa/Greatgrandpa's famous venison steaks
Ethan and greatgrandpa learning how to prepare venison and liking it.

Greatgrandpa and Ethan preparing dinner
Ready to leave for the St.Pattrick's Day Parade downtown.

Amber and Evan wearing green

Brenda, Amber, Evan in back Grace, Ethan and Mariah in front

Hope everyone is wearing green!

Amber's homemade purse request filled

Another purse just because

Mike caught playing with toys, ha!

Mac turns 81 years young

We helped celebrate Rick's dad's 81st birthday on March 7th. The icecream cake was yummy.

Awwwww.. so sweet..!

Well... maybe a little onery in there too?...

Well, to end the day, here's Myrtle so tuckered out she's asleep and not caring that her puppy toy is resting on her like a little hippo mommy lifting her baby to the surface for air while she sleeps.
Myrtle all tucked in for the night

Even sharing a photo of yourself and activities can be a gift and a lift for someone elses day.
Don't forget to check out Amber and Brenda's sites for more fun and laugh's than mine. Oh, add Putz to your list too. (more next time)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Myrtle's a mommy??

Another day in the life of a dog that looks more like a pig every day. Oops, look, Myrtle is hugging her favorite stuffed pink pig right now.
Some of her favorites hanging out!

After a nap, her little piglet must have gotten hungry and Myrtle obliged. Of course this humerous situation was the brain child (or piglet) of my sister, Brenda.

mommy and baby?

As usual, Myrtle went along with our shenanagans as long as she didn't have to lift a finger (paw). So lazy, Myrtle...

Well, I've checked out a few new bloggers and I've enjoyed meeting all of you. I think it's good to keep good friends and to seek out new ones too. Maybe I'll share some of those blogsites soon or you can look at my blogging friends list or my followers list to see if you may be missing out on some new folks out there.

By the way, here's one for you runners and weight loss participants out there. My daughter, Amber, has a new blog, besides her family one. She is chronicaling her path through weight loss and her goal to run a half marathon this fall. Check it out.


Expanding ones horizons may come in many different forms. Even one who can't get out there and be among new potential friends, can meet them in ingenious ways such as the blogging world.

Making a new friend includes the willingness to expend your own energy in keeping them in mind and being there for them in whatever manner you can. For many, these blogs are their only outlet for socialization.

Get out there and enjoy meeting a new friend and 'Gifting yourself' to them.

"A gift of you is a gift in deed!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Myrtle - it's all in the name....

Before we get to Myrtle, let's talk about Girl Scout Cookies.
You know, those name honored cookies sweet little girls who guilt us all into buying every year?
Well, we are some of those guilt ridden grandparents and aunts and uncles that are badgered (not really) by two little girls (Mariah and Grace) to add to our already holiday attached mid sections. After eating our limit and then buying more for the freezer (or maybe a midnight snack), we decided to have a little fun.
Enter Mike, my stepson who shows up for dinner every Tuesday evening for a free meal (invited of course). He is one of those guilt ridden guys that both Mariah and Grace acosted and made generous sales to.
It was a group think tank that came up with the idea and I decided it was a worthy plot. I very carefully opened up the bottom of several boxes of his cookies and removed the yummy morsels. We then replaced them with what ever food items weighed aproximately the same as the cookies and then I resealed the bottom with rubber cement. We then made some new little labels to cover and rename the cookies.
Note Mikes surprise when he opens the box "What's this?"

Here are some of the new names we used: Instead of "Tag-alongs" we named them "Tag-begones." For "Thank-You-Berry-Much" we named them "Thank-You-Soda-Much" and put soda crackers inside. Then for "Samoa's" we called them "Siyanara's."

Mike wasn't sure he appreciated the diet sugar free jello either.

Now for our Myrtle
Brenda and I like to go Thrift shopping at the local "Goodwill" and "ARC" stores. Once in awhile I rummage through the stuffed animals to find something for Myrtle to play with (she loves stuffed animals).
Here she is with a new one, resting after a rowdy game of keep away and fetch
Note how she has her toy under watchful eye from any sinister thief who might want to nab him.
She also likes these barbell shaped squeaky toys.
She really likes any toy, whether plastic or stuffed that has a squeaker in it. She plays with it, wrestles it, plays keep away, chases it and chews it until it squeaks no more. As my husband, Rick, likes to say...she thinks she's really putting the hurt on it when it squeaks, and she love's it. Eventually, she chews through it and pops the squeaker out onto the floor. Fortunately I've got her convinced they aren't for swallowing, at least for the most part.

She layed these two out and may be deciding which one she wants to play with first

Myrtle sometimes chooses favorites that she doesn't chew up or 'kill' off. Like the red barbell she got forChristmas. It is still intact and she is very gentle when playing with or carrying it and even when playing tug of war with it. She has a few stuffed animals like that too.
She does have a fetish though about stuffed animals when it comes to their eyes. She can't stand for them to look at her and the first thing she does when she get's a new one is to eat off their eyes. The only ones left with eyes are those with embroidered or stitched eyes. She tries with them too at first.
Do you see a crocadile around here anywhere?

Myrtle loves to lay on her back and play, either with one of us or a toy or just to lay in wait. Sometimes she even falls asleep in this position. Her jaws, teeth and jowels all give the impression of "Jaws" the movie or a swamp croc. She laid still this time for me to take a whole series of pictures (she loves to pose anyway) and I even placed her barbells on her for fun and she loved it.
Peek-a-boo I see you and I know what you are doing to me, your making me a star....
Ok, now watch out, I've held still long enough, now I'm off........

Soon you will be able to see her posing with all of her sightless toys over on Brenda's site. Keep an 'EYE' out why don't you!
What kids and dogs teach us; love is easy to give, fun is whatever we make fun, each day is an adventure waiting to happen, innocence is precious, loyalty is to be honored, we are all social animals, a smile and a little time can go a long way!