My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dropping In to say Hello All

Hello, Bet any of you that followed my blog in the past thought you would never see the day that I would return. Actually I hope to visit here once in awhile to see what's up with all my blogging friends that I have enjoyed in the past but I am still mostly engrossed in keeping up with my Amateur Photography Blog. i> To give you a preview of what my other blog is about I will give you the link so you can check it out for yourself. Firat though, here are a few recent additions to the blog page below. Gods Painting
I post a new set of pictures up each week that are from other amateur photographers like me and possilbly like you. I am having a fine time with it and I will encourage and welcome you to come check it out.Sky Afire
I am always looking for amateur picture takers (you) that enjoy taking pictures and may have sone that turn out special to you and that you would like to share with others. Each photographer's photos are watermarked with the blog logo and each person provides their own alias or title they want to be known as on the blog. Christmas Ornament 2012
Those that want to be a regular poster (up to 20 total) will have a page dedicated to them so that their photos can be easier to follow for family and friends and other admirers of your photo taking prowess and style. Negative effect of a Christmas Ornament
I am looking forward to visiting my old blogger friends and having them and you visit my photography blog! Happy New Year!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Photography for Amateurs Blog Now open

Hello Again, I haven't been around much lately but have been busy with alot of things at home with family, my mother-in-law is staying with us for awhile due to medical issues, and also working some on my new Photo blog. I would like to invite any of my followers and blogging friends to visit and check it out. You may decide you want to enter some of your own special photos to display. I will be able to accept up to 20 regular donating amateur photographers to have each an individual page to display their pictures. Each will have their own tab with an alias or blog name of their choice on the front page. I will also accept one time or sporatic entrants to post on the front page. Those may be included on a group tab. Hope you can check it out and see if it is something you would be interested in or enjoy viewing anytime to see what's new. Here are just a couple of sample photo's on the site now but much more to see there.
I will be around to visit more soon...really! Miss the contact with all you all. THOUGHT FOR TODAY: "He who gives a little gets alot" rjm

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introducing a new Amateur Photography blog

Hello Again Friends, I know I have neglected my blogging friends here and once again must post when I can. Things are starting to slow down now a little so trying again. I have also started another blog geared soley toward all of you amateur photographers out there that have some favorite photos you might want to share to photo lovers all over. Here is a sampling of photos we have posted already for you to preview, and then please travel over to the blog to check it out. Even all of us untrained, average camera lovers with just simple cameras can sometimes come up with an awsome picture or funny or interesting subject worth sharing. You will see an email address and instructions on the side bar on the blog that allows you to contact and send photos you think might be used to share. All photos that will be posted are watermarked to protect them from cyber thieves. All photographers who submit photos can create an 'alias' or photo blog 'name' they wish to be known as to further protect privacy. Then create a link and share the site with your friends and family, especially those photo takers. Every family has one it seems that loves to take pictures and/or just has a knack for getting good ones. Winter Frost
Early Morning After a Rain
Very Blue Spruce
Hope to see touch base and see what you are all up to now and hope to hear from you both here and on the photography Blog. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: He who looks for good shall find it. Look for the good in each day and gift that to yourself and other's around you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of Year 2011

I Know I've been MIA for a few months now but sometimes life catches up and even runs a person over. Mac Last March on his 82nd Birthday
We've had a hectic, sometimes very sad and sometimes very happy days lately. In October, after my last post, my father-in-law, Mac that had been living with us since last April and going through cancer treatments succumbed to the desease. He was in terrible pain in the last days and weeks and declined quickly. We are very sad but yet very thankful he is no longer in pain and suffering so. My Dad, My Husband and his father Mac
It's hard to help someone when all you can do is be there and can't take the pain and desease away from them. It was also bittersweet, spending those months with him because we got to spend alot of time talking and just doing little things that created comradere and closeness. I know my husband will always treasure those moments they spent just sitting together talking about nothing in particular. This summer before he got totally down with the cancer we were able to get him out fishing on the boat twice and fishing and sitting at the little ponds near our house several times as well. I took him on several drives up into the low lying hills against the mountains around Pikes Peak and just looked at the scenery. Mac's Last Boat Ride in September
Mac at the Ponds near our house
Our dogs, both Mrytle and Mable were his buddies and watched over him constantly. It was obvious they sensed his illness and pain and worried over him. They moped at the top of the stairs watching down at the front door waiting for him to come home, after he went to the hospital the last time, for days and days. I guess we have too in our own way. Mable
Our dogs, both Mrytle and Mable were his buddies and watched over him constantly. It was obvious they sensed his illness and pain and worried over him. They moped at the top of the stairs watching down at the front door waiting for him to come home, after he went to the hospital the last time, for days and days. I guess we have too in our own way. Myrtle
Through out all of this I have been extremely aware and talked to my father-in-law about the fact that "EACH DAY IS A GIFT!" I think he embraced that and tried to do just that. He kept his positive attitude and didn't give up until the very end. He did enjoy many of the small moments every day and got to read maybe 50 or 60 books over those months that he hasn't been able to do in many years. He loved reading and I was hard put to keep him supplied but it was such a joy to see him contentedly reading and not concentrating on his situation or pain. Some of Mac's Special moments and gifted days
Most people have experienced some kind of loss among their family and friends so I know you probably have had the wistful feelings of emptiness we are feeling here. He missed all the last major holidays this year that we were looking forward to making extra special for him knowing they would probably be his last, but nothing is worth going through the extreme pain many people experience with last stages of many types of cancer, so in the end we are thankful he is free. I do hope to get back to blogging more soon but have just been regrouping and keeping things going with family and friends through the busy holiday season and our mutts too. The grandkids needed attention of course and I hope to spend more time in that arena in the new year. I hope to get out and visit each of you as I can and see what all I've missed in your lives and blogs in the last few months. Take care and God Bless!

Monday, October 10, 2011

FINALLY....I'm back.. We had our end of the season camping trip and boat rides and had a ball. We even celebrated 2 birthdays while we were there. This was my one and only camping trip for the year so I really enjoyed it.

First Evening at the Lake

First Evening at the Lake My daughter, Amber, the other camera gal Our 1 yr old Bully Dog, Mable's first boat ride! Mable stays by hubby just to be safe Our Veteran Bully Dogge Myrtle stands guard over Mable as the little one contemplates abandoning ship Had to have a fire..hotdogs and marshmellows, yummy The boys show us how it's done My brother gives marshmellow roasting lessons to three students from India who joined us for the weekend. They had never tasted never a marshmellow never mind roasting one. Tulisa gives it a try first and become proficient immediately Rama goes next and has no trouble roasting or eating the yummy treat Siva follows up a little more tentatively but enjoys his first experience quite well Girls and Boys had to come back for seconds even though the giant marshmellow were each as large as 3 of the regular sized ones. Just too much fun. One Nephew just had to charbroil his just becase he could..of course. Amber and her youngest cuddle by the fireside. What better place for a little togetherness. Take a guess...... It's the dancing moon of course... Then of course the was the birthday party... My dad turned 79 years old and Rama just turned into a young whipersnapper of a man... Uh..Oh... Rama knows something is up..... Talk about pie..oh..cake in the face.. What a sport.. (especially since it was the second time in a week that Rama got a pie or cake in the face..) Rama knows how to share too, with my brother, the culprit that is.. Dad is happy as a lark to be face cake free, which leaves more to eat, yum Bet you can't guess who that Curiosity..moss twisted it's way up this dead bush by the lake's edge...hmmm Eeek...Look what the kids found...a Trianchula (sp?) Gotta have a little excitement.. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "What goes around, comes around"...Just ask my brother, the cake instigator