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Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's About Time!!!

Yep, It's definitely about time I finally get back to blogging and visiting all my blogger friends again. Of course, since summer finally hit us with a bang, I'm sure many of you have taken time away to begin some of your summer activities as well.

Of course I did have to take a siesta of sorts and check into my suite at an area hospital or two for a few days but at least it wasn't a month or two this time. I had a little lung bleed but thankfully nothing like the times before and I mainly stayed in a few extra days after it quit on it's own so they could watch, just in case it started up again as a 'big' one. They said this could still just be the precursor to a 'big' one and so I have to behave myself and not push it. I especially can't go into any higher elevations and/or get on any really rough roads or get into any accidents (well duh..) Anyway, I'm back on track and just happy to be home and am as busy as ever with what I can do. Life really is grand, isn't it? I sure think so.

Since I haven't been on for so long I'm going to try to put in some more pictures as updates and add comments as I think of them. What I would really like is for some comments on the best thing you plan to do this summer or have already done. That can include giving grandbabies kisses if you want or your exciting vacation!

These first three pics are actually shown backwards but at least you can see the finished product first. I sometimes have fun trying out new ways to cook food. I experiement and sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. However, this time it worked pretty well.
I decided to bake some chicken breasts but I wanted to create some pizazz. I washed and trimmed a package of chicken breasts. I made a simple rub with pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and some sage.

NOTE: since I can't have much salt due to high blood pressure I try to use more seasonings that will spice up my foods so I don't miss the salt so much and it usually works.

I love the roasted green chilis you can buy at fairs, flea markets and some grocers. I bought a large batch of them last summer and when I got home I packaged them in baggies with about 5 or 6 in each, leaving the burnt crust on. Then when I want some I defrost the bag of chilis and slide off all the chili skins with black crust, then I slice them open and remove most but not all of the chili seeds. (The seeds add some heat). When they are washed, and seeded I sliced the chilis into thin strips and laid them over the chicken breasts.
Next I laid them in a glass baking dish addiing just a few drops of water for moisture. I covered the dish with aluminum foil and baked it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.
Checking to be sure they are done (no pink in the middle of the thickest piece) then I cover each piece with either cheddar or pepperjack cheese and return to the oven uncovered just long enough to melt the cheese over the top.
As shown below the chicken can be served with flavored rice and mixed vegetables, bread and salad. A nice light summer time evening evening meal.
Southwestern chili striped Chicken bake

Add choice of Cheese

Fresh Chicken Breast and Chili strips

I tagged along with Amber and her children when we went for an outing to Little Mr*Biggs play place. The kids had a ball and especially since it was Ethans 6th birthday it was really special. They loved showing off for Grandma and Mama and I got several really cute pictures of them. Amber showed some of the fun on her site as well.
This is an action picture of Mariah jumping over a giant apple complete with worm. The room was full of school items at gigantic proportions.
Mariah, all into learnin

Ethan surfing along on the dragon. Instead of Pete's dragon I called this "Ethans Dragon"

Evan climbs on a Giant crayon

Amber and Evan try Farming

Because Myrtle gets hot so easily I bought her a new wading pool. She likes it but usually drinks the water and once in awhile walks through the pool to get one of her toys. She loves the water at the lake or stream but at first she thought this was another (shh) B..A..T..H..(whisper) and she thought I was setting a trap but she eventually decided to put her daintly little (huh?) paw in and try it out.
Myrtle, My Bully Dogge Eyes Her New Swimming Pool

This is the first picture of My dad and his wife on their new summer ride for hills.

Dad built a zip line in his back yard for the grandkids recently and they definitely had a ball. They are pushed up to the highest position way up on the trunk of a large tree and then they traverse about 50+ feet toward the garage and garden. Someone has to catch them to stopo or they end up in a fruit tree.

Here Grandpa catches Grace on her maiden ride.

Another very small but brave grandson flys by on his way to Grandpa's arms.

Uh-oh, Grandpa missed one but thankfully since I was behind the camera near the fruit tree landing I was able to grab Mariah. Note: we both almost ended up in the branches, ha!

Well, that's about all but there will hopefully be lots of news with the very large annual family camping trip that is going on right now in the hills of Colorado. I can't go but I have been promised lots of pictures so I can enjoy their trip also.

Until then...

"Those who truly enjoy life are those who can probably enjoy their life anywhere, rich or poor, health or no good health. Those who complain all the time probably don't enjoy much of anything!" by RJM