My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playing Catchup

I have obviously been off line for awhile now, just as I'm sure many others have been over the summer. What a busy time with family and household projects. Except for the 4 day stay in the hospital the first of June, I have been in pretty good shape and was able to do more at home. I have enjoyed it immensely, the staying well part and that has allowed me to enjoy the summer so much more.

I will mostly show in pictures what we've been up to. I hope you have all been busy having fun this summer and I will be checking to see what you've been up to also as soon as I finish this post.

I'll start with the July 4th camping trip that I couldn't attend so my sister Brenda took pictures for me. Here are some of my favorites.

While up there my Dad erected a zip line that stretched from up the hill on a tree down over creek and on to another upper bank.

of course some onery ones decided to use huge water cannons to douse the rider as they zipped through the thin mountain air. Even the younger set enjoyed flying through the air.

One 'nonconformist' brother of mine decided he could hang from the seat and ride over the creek while holding his legs in the air. He miscalculated his stretch and the stretch of the cable, and he ended up waterskiing and taking a dunking. Ha!

They added to the adventure with a huge group water fight, mostly kids against the adults. Each side said 'They' won.

Some of the older girls decided to build their own teepee with long poles and a sheet.

The finished product.

One night the kids performed skits and songs for the adults.

The boys had a log splitting contest but the 'men' followed with their prowess to show 'how it's done'!

Over the weekend there was plently of fishing going on and that was followed with some 'fish gutting' classes for the younger ones with Grandpa/Greatgrandpa.

Oh, and don't forget the wading in snow melt creek water to cool off in the warm mountain sunshine.

We got a new toy this summer for fishing and pleasure rides. It's a large pontoon boat that can hold up to 10 people. It is so much easier for me with all of my oxygen bottles and hoses and my balance issues and general comfort including a nice shade cover when the sun begins to beat down. I can just step onto the boat from the dock at the level rather than trying to climb up or down and tipping sideways like in our little alluminum boat we just sold. I've driven it on the lake and even onto the trailer when we were done.

Captn Rick and loyal dog Myrtle

Passengers enjoy the smooth ride and fresh air

Technology follows us everywhere

"It's not what the day holds for us but what we put into our day that determines how we feel about it in the end." RJM
Grpa Mac and granddaughter Jazzy who is almost completely blind but enjoying the ride immensely

Jazzy gets to drive the boat

Mac perched on an old drift tree fishing

Many water birds make their nests in old trees swallowed by the lake almost 30 years ago

Jazz plays in the water enjoying the coolness on a hot day