My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Once again I am late in getting my blog up again. For being winter and oh so cold, it sure has been hectic and sometimes even overwhelming. But, FORTUNATELY, I haven't been sick this winter. Yea!!!
I am still concerned for others who are going through tough times physically and or emotionally due to medical or other issues in their lives. I was told at the end of 2006 I had less than a 20% chance of living 2 years! They decided to try one last thing and put me on a 24hour IVpump with a new medication that they hoped would buy me some time.
Obviously it has worked so far cause I'm still here. Because it was a mainline into my heart and because of the medication they gave me and due to being on anti rejection meds for my transplanted kidney, I had NUMEROUS hospital stays with massive blood infections with things like MRSA and pseudomonis and another one or two biggies. I've almost kicked the bucked several times due to those but with the miracle big bads, in other words the heaviest duty antibiotics they have, I eventually kicked each infection. Since the risk was getting bigger that the meds might not be able to kick it the next time the docs changed my IV to a subcutaneous form of getting the meds and since it does not go directly into my bloodstream I haven't had even one of the infections I did before. YEA again! It's been over a year so far and boy am I glad.
Because of the elapsed time since the last infection my body has definitelt gotten stronger which allows me more energy to do some things. My body isn't cured by any means but I have so far been given a stay of calling it quits I hope. The other thing I have to watch out for are lung bleeds and last June was the last time for that and only a tiny one so hopefully that will subside also. All in all I've had the best year I've had in a very long time. I can rejoice in that and enjoy each day as it comes with the full knowledge that I have lived my life fully and that I will continue to do so until the very end. As anyone would, I am planning on living at least until retirement age and beyond.
If you or anyone you know is living a precarious life I would really like to touch base with you/them and be able to share in the sorrow, the worry, the lost plans for a future and the joy of each day we live because each day really is a gift, whether we are sick, weak, or healthy. Only a person who can look at each day as if it were his/her last and can live it to the fullest is using their gift in the way God intended it. What a gift we can each offer to others who are down in the dumps, sick or on their death bed when we gift ourselves to them in hope, life, encouragement and any other way we can give them pleasure in their days.
I so love this life I have and want to share it with those around me. A distant relative, a police detective died recently due to a brain tumor, the most aggressive kind. He was diagnosed in early December and passed away this last week. Did he give up and curl into a corner? Not on your life. He immediately retired from the force of 30 years and spent his last 2 months sharing with others the joy of life and encoraging them to enjoy every mintute they might have with those they love because anyone, ANYONE could habve less days than they think to love others. He had a passion for the message of Jesus' love and he spent his 30 years as a cop loving everyone around him including those he arrested. His family received numerous letters from past detainees that he arrested, letting them know how kind he had been to them and that he encouraged them to do better with their lives. He was tough when needed but also had compassion for them all.
What a way to live life. Such a tough job but he still found a way to share in his joy for life and love for others and in Christ. Now that's what I call a natural witness and the best kind.
Ok, now that I've reintroduced myself and the reason I started my post in the first place I can share a few pieces of my life recently that make me smile.

Just incase I haven't posted this kind of picture enough in the past, this is what I look at from my neighborhood. Pikes Peak just makes me smile and sigh!



We finally got to go to Denver to see one of our other grandkids. Tyler and Grandpa got to play in the sand. We don't get to see him very often but we make the most of it and he is so much fun and has such a cute personality. He turned 2 in December. Lots of hugs and smiles!


Amber's youngest son, Evan, turned 3 the other day. Amber balked and refused to call him 3 until just the moment of his birth that afternoon. She's done that with all of her kids, making them wait till the very last moment to celebrate their day. All in fun though since she, like most parents, watch their kids grow up way to fast.
EVAN'S BIRTHDAY CAKE (NOTE: Evan requested pink frosting and Amber let him but compromised with some blue on top). A giggle and a smile!

Note: I must wear oxygen but refuse to wear it for pictures. I like being seperate from my tools of survival like Oxygen and medical IV pumps and other nessessary meds etc. which helps people see me for the real me, not the extras. Just like those of us who have had to or still do use a wheelchair still like to sit on a regular chair at a resturant whenever possible. It is a psycological aide to help feel somewhat normal for just a few moments and to enjoy a temporary freedom from the stresses we face all day every day. I know other's who do the same and I think it helps.
Just like when I meet a small child or baby and see that they are worried or perplexed by my oxygen tubes on my face, I take them off for a moment and the child visibly relaxes and smiles because it takes the strangeness away until they are more comfortable. Ok, off the track and back to the party.


I am almost tired of the huge amount of rebuilding and refurbishing we've been doin on our house since last summer but we are almost there on the inside. When it's complete I will have a huge smile for sure!
My Dad and Husband working together to refinish our kitchen

My Dad working on rebuilding a pantry for our kitchen. He makes me smile all the time with love and awe!

My Dad and his brother Phil are quite a team and you would never guess that they are 78 and about 76 years of age. They have done carpentry, plumbing, electrical work along with heavy yard work and heavy equiptment use. They have dug up trees, planted others, smoothed out a large driveway with roadbase and even moved a self contained shed across the back yard on large pvc pipes. I've got that on video. They work hard and long and I can rarely get them to take it easy on themselves. I guess this is what keeps them going and healthy. They don't give up doing what they've always done with only a few small exceptions acording to the situation. Sure wish I could help them more but so far I do better just watching, asking lots of questions and mostly making a pest of myself. We call that directing the workforce, ha! Did you smile?

The Pantry framing continues I love watching the guys work although I'm sure they don't always smile at all my questions but they do smile when the day is done! :)

My Dad and my brother Jerry debate possible courses of action on the project. They are the real directors and contractors for our house projects. Jerry, my brother is always worth a laugh and a smile. My husband works at least 6 days a week and can only help out some when he gets home. He really always makes me smile and we love to be together whenever possible. Sometimes I have to share him with relatives but that's ok, I just smile!

The cabinets are in, the counters are finished and now we just need the backsplash and walls done which shouldn't take much time. I only had to do without a kitchen sink about a week but we don't have to camp in our house now. I hope not because we have scheduled a "Game Night" at our house in a week and a half with family and friends.
The Kitchen Takes Shape Yea, and yes, another smile from me!

Well, every day there is usually something to smile about, even when we don't think so. Sometimes we are lonely, in pain, don't think anybody cares or can't reach out for help. It sometimes takes alot of will power to do it but it can be done. I look inside my self regularly and try to find some good there and that is what I want to share with others. Giving of ourselves can help us feel better about ourselves and our own circumstances. Reaching out, offering a smile, or even asking for help can help another person and ourselves as well. Do you know someone you can gift your self to, even for a few moments or hours or a day? If not then just smile at someone today.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What would you want someone to do for you or offer you if you were down and out right now? Try gifting that to someone else and see what happens!!