My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthdays are a good thing...In Moderation..

March is our biggest month for birthdays. Now counting other family and friends, we somehow try to go to or celebrate at least 6 of them every year. I'll get more into that in a bit.
First I want to take note of that night when the moon was the closest to the earth that it's going to be in for many eaons or so. Anyway, I didn't know until the next day about it (didn't listen to the news) so I decided the next night ought to be pretty amazing still and it definitely was. The temperature was cool with a slight haze of moisture in the air and so I ventured out into our front yard determined to get a picture of it for a keepsake. I took several but this is one of my favorites and I'm sharing it with you. Like it?


Of course since Pikes Peak is just outside my window I can't help but take pictures of it alot. I use my close up lens and can get it sharp enough to see most details, especially when there is some snow on it like right now. It's always beautiful to me. I've been to the top of Pikes Peak a few times (by car thank you very much) and looking down over the city and the mountainous terrain all around is breathtaking. We have the plains, the rivers and lakes and the mountains with streams and ponds to boot. Can't help but love it here always. We actually get all four seasons too.


As time passes we are still progressing on house projects. My dad and his brother both in their upper 70's love doing what they've done all their lives. Create new things and make new from the old. They do great work too.


My husband works alot so doesn't have much time to help make changes but when he get's the chance he likes to add his own touch and makes some trim and edging look professional and beautiful.


Our kitchen if finally finished, yea!!

Pikes Peak Again

Myrtle looks so dejected in her "Jail Cell." Actually it's her "cave" between the couch and recliner and she can watch for visiters coming in the front door.

"I'm in Jail and I'm not happy about it!"

Mable copies Myrtle in everything and finds her own jail cell.

Mables Jail Cell

One of the benefits of being the grandma of homeschooled children is I can sometimes get involved by being their substitute or specialty teacher. I love it of course. Ethan loves science so he and I did some science projects recently and had a ball. Here he is showing off a time elapse control project to show which liquid will produce the most mold or organisms in two days.

Ethan and his science Project

Here Ethan is learning about liquids and solids and playing with a solution/mixture that is both a liquid and a solid. When he tried to push it with his finger or hit it with his fist it is hard but when he held it in his hand it poured like liquid between his fingers.

Solid or Liquid, that is the question

Speaking of Birthdays, boy were we lamblasted with them this last month. Wow, but what fun too. We celebrated my father-in-laws first by going to lunch. He turned 82 years old and still enjoys going fishing and out to eat.

Mac turns 82 and keeps on smiling

Then there is my mom who just turned 75 or 3/4 of a century as she reminded me. We had a good time here and all of our siblings that live instate were here to help celebrate. Two are states away and couldn't attend unfortunately.

Here's what a 3/4 century cake looks like

Family hangs out with mom

Think she'll be able to blow out allll of those candles?

Many of the grandkids and great grandkids came. They wouldn't have all fit in the room if they'd all been there at once.
All kids love a birthday party

The day after mom's birthday bash we had an even larger one at County Buffett. four more birthdays were celebrated at once. Our two girls had birthdays on March 11 and 15th, then their husbands both had birthdays on the 21st and the 23rd. It couldn't have worked out better. Alot of good food and good fun for all.

Four in One, Krista, Amber, Steve and Luke, Happy Birthday

Tyler, the youngest one present enjoying the prospect of eating all his goodies

Amber's little 6 year old 'borrowed' my camera and went around the table taking at least 40 pictures of all kinds. Here is one practice closeup take of uncle Mike.

Well, Hello Mike..

What's a party unless a guy can get a closeup of themselves as least once.

Ethan's closeup

Now away from birthdays finally and on to kids visiting daddys work. Amber's husband works at an auto sound shop and their kids love checking out all the electronic man toys.

Standing on speakers under glass, it's heavy daddy

Our dogs have a on again off again relationship. Myrtle is jealous of Mable, the little one and yet she loves her sometimes too, at least when she's not showing off her puppy buggyness and getting in Myrtles face anyway. Here we caught them in a moment of sharing the early morning suns warmth. I'm sure it was begrudgingly on Myrtles side but Mable loves it when she can cuddle up with anyone, anywhere, anytimne.

Sharing the Morning Sunshine

Sunrise outside my back door

Pikes Peak from Afar

Jet taking off into the sunrise of Colorado

One Last Colorado Sunrise to note the beauty of God's world

"If while on a walk downtown you came up on a dirty, raggedy old man beggin for help, what would you do? Call for help, give him money to shut him up, take him to a shelter or ignore him?" Each situation is different of course and you may have children with you or not but if you do have children, they will learn from you how these situations should be handled so think about it ahead of time and then using some commen sense decide what your situation calls for.