My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a bird, it's a's a..boomerang?..

If you were given 30 seconds to figure out what word these clues were meant to depict, what would you guess? Quick now, your competing team is already it? Find out at the bottom of the blog under Pictionary.

It's about time I put up another post. I have been cleaning up my computer and trying unsuccessfully to change the background and extras on my blog site but I'm just not able to get it. I think I need to upgrade my browser or something so I can download what I want but the help desk I called sure wasn't much help. They did change some things and helped speed things up somewhat but so far no luck on the backgrounds etc.
Sometimes I just have to back up and do what's most important. My daughter, Amber, just gave me the Beautiful Blogger award below and now I need to address that and pass it on. There are a few bloggers that I've followed that have inspired me, gave me food for thought, encouraged me and many who made me laugh. I wish I could cover all who I feel deserve this but I'll try to just pick a few and hope the rest will realize their input and gifting of their time.

Amber, as my oldest child and the one who has been with me throughout her whole life, knows best all that I have gone through and she has definitely gone through it with me. Since she was 3 years old, our lives changed with the birth of her little brother, Jeremiah, who had medical problems and then died just before Amber turned 5. Since then we've gone through so many really good times and a lot of bad times too and I want to thank her for still being there with me as we face life as mother and daughter together. Thank you Amber.

Brenda and I became sister's when she was just 5 and I was almost 10. I had lost my mother in a car accident and she lost her father from a heart attack. I always wanted a little sister since I already had two brothers. When our parents married, I not only gained my biggest wish for a sister, but I also gained 2 more brothers. The next little brother was born 2 years later. Wow was I blessed. Brenda and I spent many years away from each other as adults but the last several years we have gotten our sisterhood back together again. I so appreciate her love and understanding and help along the way. I love her blog and I've seen how it touches so many people in a wonderful and positive way. Thank you sister.

Mr. Putz is my hero. Even with medical issues and the discomfort he goes through each day, he never dwells on all that but puts himself out there for all to see. He isn't perfect and sometimes a little off the wall (I'm smiling when I say this Putz), but he is always up for a fun post or comment. He keeps me guessing and he keeps me aware that we are all different and can still see the good in our lives and even in our pasts. Putz gives a great sense of what life has been like in years past from a first person perspective and that keeps me coming back for more.

Nadine Z. is a writer with her first novel published last year. I am so proud to know her to some little degree but I also want to complete my first novel and get it published, hopefully sooner rather than later. She has been an inspiration to me that it can be accomplished and I can really do it too. She has a great facebook page that is mostly geared for people interested in writing and she posts tiny little assignments to complete simple stories on her comment section. It is fun and keeps my imagination in gear and I can see what other's post and how they write also. I really appreciate her blog because she is true to her writing life and her personal one too. Thank you Nadine for your inspiration.

Cruisemom is a new mom but not also. She has several kids and talks about her life as a mom in a large family. I can relate to her because I was from a large family and I had a large family myself. Faith sure does help and I enjoy her viewpoint because I agree with 99.9% of what she thinks about raising kids. Thank you for reminding me of what it's like to raise many kids and still try to have time for yourself.

6. Why yes I am crazy thank you for asking
Her blog has such humor in every post and yet so much truth to it that I can't help but laugh and nod my head at the same time. It refreshes me to be able to read someone else's thought and laugh out loud. Thank your for the laughs I've enjoyed.

I could list more but then I wouldn't be able to keep your attention long enough to say that my health is somewhat better right now and I'm enjoying it. The subcutaneous method of administering my remodulin seems to be working but I'll see the specialist in Denver on Friday to make sure my heart is still doing ok and not working too hard.
I even enjoyed having family members come to our house last night for a great time of games. We started out with Pictionary. I had a large dry erase board on an easel and we divided up into two groups, men against women of course. It was a riot! The most fun/embarassing one was when I had to draw something to depict a 'porta-potty'. You can imagine what that entailed and what kind of guesses were thrown around, just ask Brenda :). By the way, the clues at the top of the post are what our brother, Jim used to get the correct answer which was 'Nerd'.
Amber watched all the kids so we could have some adult time to play games but next time she and her husband will be in on the act and that's a fact. ha.

Ok, I've done my part and filled you in on a few thoughts I have about other people you may be blogging with too. If you haven't, then please go check them out and I'm sure they will be thrilled that you looked in on them and hopefully will give them a comment.

When at first you don't succeed and don't succeed and don't succeed yet again, then don't call me, call someone else, please! Not really, just kidding. Call a freind for some sympathy at least!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time, Time, Time...Where does it go?

Ever felt out of kilter? Think outside the box and tilt your head for another perspective on your situation and maybe it'll all balance out.

I love old black and white pictures.

Buckskin Joe's near Canon City, CO, 1950's

I just can't seem to get things done on time around here. I have a list miles long and every project I even think about starting, there comes 2 or 3 more things that need to get done first and by that time another and another, so the first idea is lost in the shuffle. Does that ever happen to you?

Not counting the numerous hospital stays that ate up my time in 2009, I still get behind on even the ones I should be able to do. Of course, if something better comes along like my daughter and kiddos stopping by or a sunnuy day and restless dog begs for attention and action outside, then of course that comes first.

Let's see, besides paying more attention to my blogging friends and keeping my own blog up there are numerous things I would like to do this winter which, by the way, must ba half over considering the ridiculous amount of time it's been soooo cold already, don't you think? Anyway, because of hospital stays I didn't finish several sewing projects I had laid out and all the kiddos don't know they missed out on homemade aprons (even the boys) for when they help Mom out in the kitchen or for crafts and painting. Now they will hopefully get them for their Birthdays this year 2010.

I also promised my sister I would make her a nice purse and makeup bag to match for Christmas and alas it too is still waiting (I promise it's my next project for sure Brenda). I also promised her we would do some beginning crocheting lessons because Brenda is a great crafter and wants to expand her knowledge base of the yarn world. (Pick a day sis and we'll just sit down and do it, ok? ).

I have wanted to get back into my painting because I have been determined to paint each of my family members a picture while I'm still able but I have a ways to go yet and I just love to paint anyway. I hope to at least do one soon. Other's I have done are p0sted at the bottom of my blogging page. Not all of them are there but several.

On a more 'responsible' note, I must, absolutely MUST get my sewing/office room cleaned out completely and the guest room also. Then there are all the shelves of 'stuff' downstairs that still needs a home whether here or somewhere else. Our yard sale this summer was a huge success and we sold almost everything but the tea towels in the kitchen and yet somehow there is still so much more. Guess my husband is right and even though I'm not really old enough to fit the description, I'm a depression era gal and I keep EVERYTHING! Ha, ha, ha.

That's ok, but it does make it difficult to find anything. And I'm sure there is NO one else out there that does that.]

I have been doing and have finally completed scanning another box of pictures for my mom. She has been loaning me batches of old family pictures to scan into my computer and then make CDs for her to have them compiled and easy to find. Then she can put the original pictures away for safe keeping. This will also make it possible for the kids to all get a copy of the CDs and share. Here are a few cool old pictures I really liked out of the bunch.

Is'nt this beautiful? Two young teen girls 1930
Young girl in graduation dress 1931
Young girl toddler late 1930's
Remember the old silver trailers? 1953

Remember the Fedoras?
I'll try to keep this a little shorter than usual so I can get out and visit all of you. Thanks to each and every one of you who have kept me company on my blog and otherwise and for praying for me. So far it's been working great cause I'm still here by golly!

Stick to what's important and it's not always what's in the paper or on your list of things to do. It may be something or someone right in front of you!