My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring fever progresses into???

"The pace we lead in life determines how many little miracles we will miss or enjoy with nature, our family, our friends and even our pets" rjm

I don't know about you all, but my spring fever has turned into a roaring furor of projects and activities. I'm sure I'm overdoing it some, what with all the gardening and sowing the baby plants inside in february even. One problem I keep forgetting to take into account when it comes to these projects of mine, is my energy level which depletes fairly fast and any walking lifting, bending, etc. All needed for decent gardening are very strenuous for me and so I need a chair or other sitting arrangement or getting on my knees to work. Getting on my knees can be difficult when it comes to getting up with an oxygen tank on my back. Most of the time I leave the O2 in the wheelbarrell that I use to transport my tools and plants.
Yesterday and today I have just about gotten all my planting done and then, lo and behold, I couldn't resist buying a few small bushes and ivy plants to find a place for.
I can't say I always think ahead with these kinds of things since I buy it cause I like the way it looks or the color or the perenialness of it, etc. Sometimes I don't take into account that I may be piling up some work for my husband with out his knowledge since I can't do some of the heavy stuff like digging deep holes for bushes and trees. I did that last year buying an apple tree, a pigme something tree and two evergreen type bushes for which I had to do some sweet talking and then bring up the need for holes. Thank goodness he loves me enough to put up with some of my 'surprise' projects. After planting the apple tree in our back yard and seeing it doing well this spring I was getting all excited with the prospects of getting some apples some day. But then my bubble was burst when I found out I needed two of the same kind of tree so they can polinate each other so now I'm in search of a like tree. Too bad I can't remember what the name of it is.
I am excited for all the possible fruits and vegetables we'll have this summer while Brenda is here. I planted; green beans, spinish, lettuce, onions, I already have some onions and garlic in the garden from last year, cucumbers, watermelon, corn, banana peppers and yellow sweet green peppers. My husband planted lots of tomato plants, spagetti squash, yellow squash, bell peppers and I'm not sure what all else. I sure hope it overflows this year.
Some family sharing Mother's Day Lunch

I had a fantastic Mother's day and enjoyed seeing my mom during the week at the park, then lunch with my husbands family on Sunday at Olive Garden and then going to my daughters that same evening for our families famous Spanish Cassarole, yumm. Of course we were plenty full by the time we went to bed on Sunday night.
Mariah ready to be a painting artists model
One of my granddaughter's loves to pose for pictures and when she and her mom came by our house after going to her girlscouts 'tea party' where the girls had to all dress up and learn table manners and how to set the table and numerous other fun stuff. Before she left we took a few pictures to remember the day.
Ah, a natural
I am hoping to take Mariah to see the new Hannah Montana Movie that's out. She's quite the fan and I've seen and heard good things about the movie too.
Katie modeling her new galashes
The day before Mother's day Amber and I went to my neices wedding shower and it was exactly that with yummy snacks too. This fun picture is Katie showing off her new galashes that someone gave her since after the wedding she is moving to Michigan to be with her new husband. I guess they will probably come in handy there.
Me and my neice Katie Jayne

Now, to top this off, as many of you already know, my sister Brenda and her family are coming to live with us for how ever long it takes while they get situated in a new state, a new town, and new jobs and eventually a new home. I am so excited, but I am also trying to get many little projects done before they get here so they'll have at least comfortable quarters to settle in. My dad is coming up in a few hours so maybe we'll at least have lighting in the room. The old wiring and lights are disfunctional to say the least and were tailored for the old seventies look with indirect lighting pointing to the ceiling, etc. which didn't leave much to be desired even when it worked.

One other great piece of news is that this weekend my husband and I get to go to Denver to babysit our newest grandson Tyler. He just had the skin under his tounge clipped to help him suckle and it should help with his speech later on too. While they had him under, they ended up putting tubes in in ears since he's had alot of fluid built up in them for several weeks already. They usually don't do that in babies so young, a little over 3 months, but ear infections and the need for tubes runs in the family and the docs decided it would help alleviate more problems later on to do it now. Anyway, he is feeling better and his parents will get a much needed break to go to a movie and eat lunch with some friends. I think they forgot how to do that!