My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even a Bully Dogge Needs a Little Time Out Once In Awhile!

Wordless Wednesday, Almost!

My Myrtle looks like she is in trouble and in time out in the corner, doesn't she? Maybe she's moping because she couldn't eat my supper for me, or maybe she is actually waiting patiently for a tidbit of meat from the casserole sitting on the counter just out of site but clearly within her smelling range!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Better late than Never?

I'm always late. Late getting to bed at night, late getting up, late getting anywhere, late at getting dinner, etc. etc. My life has changed so much with all my medical stuff. Not much energy, foot pain, etc. etc. What a complainer I feel like sometimes too. I used to be the first one up each morning and always ready to go on a moments notice (just ask my kids). I went 90 miles an hour all day long and loved staying up late and getting up early. I feel like apologizing all the time but I know it's just the way it is now. Guess my blogging is that way too. Always late. And as I've heard someone say on TV who just passed away, "And that's the way it is!"

My new style of fishing:

#1 have husband lug everthing to the car and then the fishing spot when we arrive.

#2 Set up chair and large umbrella.

#3 bring dog for company and entertainment.

#4 throw in a line and wait for a bite.

#5 If no bites soon, open up cooler and take a bite myself and drink plenty of cold ice water.

#6 When it's time to leave have husband lug it all back.

#7 Have husband clean fish if it's a lucky day.

#8 If no luck, pull out fish sticks for supper.

#9 Let husband know how much he's appreciated.
#10 Love it all.
Me and my colorful shades

I'm so late and so far behind on my blogging that I know alot of people have gone along another trail by now. That's ok, I definitely understand because it can be boring checking into a site that just sits.
For being disabled I sure do lead a busy life. I guess since each day is a gift, then I feel the need to do all I can do every chance I get. The only problem though are those pesky hospital episodes, fatigue and lack of O2 at times, besides all those bothersome side affects from medicines I'm on and general health. (I don't say all these things to complain but my blog is meant as an informative site about what it's like to have health issues. Maybe someone else with health problems can relate and can feel a little better knowing it doesn't have to be so grave every day even if the situation is. Life is what we make of it and I choose to play out my life positively and realistically.)

I so appreciate my husband who puts in all the extra effort it takes for me to do things with him like keeping the vehicles loaded with O2 bottles and loading and unloading when we go somewhere like to the store, visiting family or going fishing. That includes making several trips from the car to the fishing spot to set up all my extras like an extra supportive folding chair with a huge beach umbrella and the cooler, etc. etc. and then lugging it all back up again.
What do I do?? Well, I get myself and an O2 bottle on my back there eventually (one trip) and maybe I carry my fishing poles. My balance isn't good and my ankles get weak and roll at times making me walk like a drunken sailor and sometimes I have to stop and rest and catch my breath but I eventually get where I'm going. I'm such a big help but I'm trying and doing good at that. Oh, and I carry my camera too. :)

The last two weekends we went fishing at the Pueblo resevoir and I didn't catch a thing. My husband, however did catch a 15" wide mouth bass last weekend. It doesn't bother me though because just getting out with my husband and spending some fun time outdoors is great. We just relax and let the dog (little miss Myrtle) play in the water and chase sticks.

My stepson, Mike went camping with my husband and about 30 other relatives over the 4th. You can tell he had a great time and is very proud of his catch. Brookies are great tasting fish so guess it was worth it huh?

Mikes girlfriend came along and must have thought she was going to the beach but she made use of her swim suit in the ice melt mountain stream. Bet that beach sounded real good after her dip in the pool.

One of my 'almost' daughter's (I had guardianship), just graduated with a GED recently and we decided to have a little party for her. I originally planned it for May, but alas, I ended up in the hospital during that time. The problem was that I forgot to let her know we needed to postpone the party so she showed up at the house expectantly. My sister, Brenda just moved in the day before, so she and Rick, my husband, graciously invited her to share their supper and then they called me. I was pretty upset that I forgot to let her know but we made up for it this week with a family party. She and Amber are just a few years apart, so it was nice for them to catch up on news also. Cerena has a 7 year old son, is a single mom and after finally getting her GED she is going to college already to become a nurse so we are doubly proud of her acomplishments and goals.

Amber and Cerena with ice cream sundaes

Last Sunday we celebrated Mariah's 8th birthday with a party and swimming in their backyard pool. It was fun and she had a great time with her young friends and cousin. Here they are being silly but cute too.
Birthday girl, Mariah, second from left

On my granddaughter's actual birthday (not the day we celebrated with a party), we went to the Calhan County Fair. We drove about 80 miles round trip to get there but it was great and the kids had a wonderful time. They got to pet baby farm animals.
Cousin Grace, Mariah and Ethan with hat

Ethan loved feeding the kid goats
Evan touches a baby goat with mom's help

We saw an educational reptile show with the real things, and we also saw some performing bears doing all kinds of activities like riding bikes and playing basketball and dancing a jig. It was very hot and I had to stop and get a ride back to the car from exhaustion but I'm glad I went. It was fun!
Mariah, Grace, Ethan and Evan in the corn bin

I think the corn bin was an exciting extra for the kids. They loved digging in and covering themselves with the dry corn. Evan, 18 months ended up with some in his diaper (don't know how that happened :) ) but Mom saved the day.

Whew, what a busy month so far. Thankfully there are a few slow days like today so I can touch base with everyone on my blogland. Miss talking on line but I just keep trying.


If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, whether it's physically, mentally or emotionally, look to see what is actually an unnessesary add in and find ways to get rid of it. So many times we create our own stress by adding in extras to our lives, thinking it's a good thing to do, but if it can be eliminated and will take some pressure off, do it! "Oh, what a relief it is!"