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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good News!

I do have good news, but first, I just have to reiterate some of the fun we had when my sister and her daughter's came to visit. Chelse had a great time with Myrtle, playing tug of war with one of Myrtles toys.

That is until Myrtle decided to take her for a ride...

Grace making chocolate chip cookies

Mariah taking her turn to stir
Time for beddy bye little bears

The girls had a sleep over and made some chocolate chip cookies. They played all evening and then carefully put some stuffed bears to bed. Hoping that they wouldn't have to follow suit too soon, I'm sure. They hoped their cousin, Savanah could join them but she was sick, so maybe next time.

Now, for the GOOD NEWS!

In Denver this morning, David had a PET scan done to check on his melanoma. Afterwards we had a consultation with his Doctor. The verdict was that the biochemotherapy is actually working! The spots in his lung are completely gone and the areas in his neck and the lymph nodes there are much smaller.
David and his birth brother Bill at Balancing rock in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs this last weekend. Bill was adopted by his grandma (who also adopted both boys birth dad) and we adopted David. We have kept an open adoption in regards to his brother, so this was a good weekend visit for them to get to know each other more.

The Doctor said that they have a real chance of curing this for him which is FANTASTIC news!! I was very excited. I don't think David is quite sure what to think and isn't realizing what a wonderful thing he is being given. He is not happy right now that he has to continue with more chemo and I fully understand why. But he will soon settle down and be ok once he has a chance to absorb the news today.
David and big brother Bill (note) they haven't seen each other since they were both about 5 and 6 yrs old

He will be going back up next Tuesday for another round of the biochemo therapy. It takes 5 days to administer while he's in the hospital and then 2 weeks at home for recovery. I am so
glad he has such a good chance for a cure.

Brothers again at last

Dr. Gonzales said that 50% of patients with stage four melanoma don't make it past 9 months and none of them make it past 5 years. When I talked to the doctor 2 weeks ago, he still gave only 10% chance that this would work and that being young and healthy wouldn't affect the outcome. Other than possibly recovering quicker after each chemo session.

David last weekend

So, this is really amazing and such extremely good news. He's not cured yet and still has a ways to go, but at least there is real hope for his full recovery. Can you believe it? Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming.


Jo said...

Prayers are going up for David...

Hope that the news continues to be all good.

Debbie said...

What a blessing! I will continue to keep David on my prayer (and now praise) list.

Amber said...

He's a pain in the butt
but you know my brother is pretty good lookin dont ya think.
I love the pictures of David.
Love ya

It's All Good! said...

Happy, happy day, Reva!
Love the pic of Chels getting dragged by Myrtle. I didn't know you caught that one!
Love ya,
your big,little sis Brenda

Putz said...

oh hurray....praying for david, will you???ay, you won't fault me if i keep on praying for david, will you??????amber i think he looks fab...reva and brenda, i feel happy, and is areal miracle.....the doctors , i/m praying will continue to find ways to help david

photowannabe said...

I will continue to pray for him as well. This is wonderful news. Just keep on keeping on.

Sammy said...

Wow, Reva! That is so amazing. I am so incredibly happy to hear this. I can only imagine how thankful you must be. I will continue to pray for you all.



Life on the farm... said...

That's great news! And yes to his sister ..David is good look'n!

Dawn said...

What wonderful news and blessing you've had this last week!

Will pray for David!


Betty said...

That sounds like encouraging news to me, and I am so thankful. David always looks so happy in his pictures. I will continue to pray for him.

jennifer said...

REVA PRAISE GOD!!! I am so glad that it is working!!

Be blessed!


jennifer said...

Reva, I would like to do a post about this on Prayerfully Yours. I am bloglifting David's photo and posting it on a post tomorrow. If this is NOT ok, please tell me in the morning and i will remove it. I want to ask people to continue to pray for him. God is good and prayer works!!

Be blessed.


Tiz said...

Reva, I join Jen at Prayerfully Yours, Jen in believing for total healing for David. He is such a good looking guy!!!

May God bless you both.
Tiz (Tuesdays with Tiz)

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

Praise The Lord for positive reports and family bonding. We know who the Great Physician is don't we?? We're praying for your family! Blessings, Whitney

Putz said...

even though you are not blogging as much as i would like, i am going to comment again because of the concern i am's david today???how is amber. she is better than you in getting in is brenda??/i have been getting tired at 2 pm everyday even though i average 10 hours of sleep per is the diabetis, and clogged gummed up the putz

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

HI Reva..Oh I am so glad for the fun you are having with your daughter and the good news too
I am thrilled things are working out for David.. (:) Hugs, Patty