My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thought for the Day;

"A please now and then really doesn't hurt!" I saw this sign and just had to smile. I stopped too at the consternation of the driver behind me as I pulled out my camera to take a snapshot before moving on.

I am once again late at updating my blog. This time not from illness but because my computer was so overloaded with pictures and stuff that it just couldn't compute anymore. I have spent the last 2-3 weeks cleaning out, organizing and creating backup disks for everything I want to keep. I have a 58 gig computer and I had used almost 40 gig with stuff. Since I have alot of programs and even junk that I can't figure out how to get rid of, there wasn't much space left for computer thinking room. Everything took forever to do and my email and internet finally just locked up. What a mess, but now I have all but about 10 gig free. Yea!

Just before heading to surgery

Well, incase you haven't read Amber's blog, my son David went in for his (hopefully) first and last major surgery to remove the rest of his melanoma cancer. They found a small spot on the inside of his left hip area that they had to remove and since they couldn't find anymore, they went ahead and removed his apendix while they were at it. He is doing pretty well so far but sure does want to get back home. I am hoping to go up tomorrow and visit him and bring him a homemade pepperoni pizza. Mr. Green Jeans modernized!
He insists he can't and won't eat any hospital food there cause he can't stand it. I think it wouldn't be so bad this time, but he is remembering how bad it tasted when he was on all of that strong kemo medicine all last fall.

David, Izaiah and girlfriend

Well, my sister Brenda and her family will be here to stay in just a few weeks and I'm really excited and jazzed about it. Grace, her daughter, is the same age as Mariah and they will be able to spend some quality time with her this summer which will help Grace to transition and feel more comfortable with the move I hope. I'm not worried about Brenda transitioning cause she's so ready to be here she won't even notice real life worries for awhile because she'll be so happy to be here already.

Here is a fun picture of one of my grandsons, Evan at mealtime when I was babysitting him last week. As you can tell, he fully enjoys his eating. He was so hungry he was going at it with two utensils. Evan at meal time!
Of course his abilities falter somewhat compared to his gusto, especially when it came to the peas. fingers do nicely for those little guys.

Just to end this up, I'm posting these pictures from around my area. The skies have been beautiful and the mountains of course majestic.
A snowly bluff near Castle Rock

Pikes Peak in April Sunshine
Pink Clouds at Sunset Pikes Peak near Sunset


Amber said...

Great pictures! David is a pretty good looking kid. Even with out all his piercings and green hair.
The litte guy sure is cute too:)
I loke your thought for the day and the picture. Maybe if people saw those kind of signs more it would rub off on them! ;)
Love ya

Putz said...

i just love your to see david and isiah and love the word please, i am glad there is a sign maker in this world that has the sensitivity to actually do that sign and i bet people respond better when they see it

Beverly said...

Hi, Reva,
Sorry I'm late getting here. Thank you for your comments about my post about my husband.

I surely hope your son is done with all the melanoma stuff. I'm constantly at the dermatologist's office with basal cells and squamous cells, but fortunately have not had to deal with melanoma.

I love seeing your family photos and the photos of your countryside. We live in such a beautiful country, don't much variety.