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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even a Bully Dogge Needs a Little Time Out Once In Awhile!

Wordless Wednesday, Almost!

My Myrtle looks like she is in trouble and in time out in the corner, doesn't she? Maybe she's moping because she couldn't eat my supper for me, or maybe she is actually waiting patiently for a tidbit of meat from the casserole sitting on the counter just out of site but clearly within her smelling range!


Amber said...

oh poor little doggie,
she looks sooooo sad :(
give her a treat so she will smile


Sammy said...

Oh, she is just so CUTE!! :-)

Putz said...

hi o/<_=---le reva the deva...let me try that again without ole.....AGAIN HI SEXY REVA THE that is better...finally a blog to comment talks don't deserve any extra love.....this i am about to tell you is a true story and i sure don't want my daughter in law to get wind of it......the grands are not allowed down to my house anymore why????? duke a real sweetheart of lab apparently groweled at a neighbor when we were in jackson hole....he was out of his pen and wanted into our house....welll sherilee across the street come over said dke...just that duke, got his collar and took him back tp the kennel....well my dil said we can't trust that 9{GRANDPA} WON'T BITE....DUKE WON'T BITE.....SAID IT IN LINE JUST THAT WAY, but it ends up that they won't be comming again ever and the dammed dog has never done nothin to nobody at all....sherilee said she doesn/t really like dogs, but that duke is the gentelest dog she has ever seen and if she ever owned a dog it would be a gentile lab....i need a kick in the head, reva

Putz said...

when you comment back comment here AND NOT ON MY BLOG CAUSE TONY HELPS ME WITH THE BLOG AND HE WILL see the comment and get mad....i am sure it is a sensative thing

Reva said...

Oh Putz,

Sorry about Duke's viciousness :) and the trouble it has caused. Fortunately, my grandkids and parents have put up with Myrtle's jumping on them (we're trying to train her not to but it's part of the bull dogs makeup).
She has growled at several people, mostly men but only a few and we're not sure why all the time but mostly when she is startled and feels trapped or she's trying to protect me. Bull Dogges are very loyal so she 'takes care' of me. Mostly though she's a freight train as she runs up to a person in her excitement and small kids can get accidently pushed over so we have to hold her down until she settles down.
Well, I hope your daughter in law will relent and realize that seeing grandpa is much more important than worrying about a sweet old lab in a kennel. Take care now and I'll be visiting but no mention of this there ok?

jennifer said...

Aw! She does look like she's been made to put her nose in the corner. she is adorable!

Cruise Mom said...

She's so cute - and she looks so hungry:)

Jess said...

Hope you are doing well

Love, Jess

Jess said...

Happy Birthday...hope its a great one!

Love, Jess

Mari said...

She is adorable!
I'm here from Brenda's blog to wish you happy birthday!