My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Monday, October 12, 2009

From Summer, straight to Winter?

Here's a flurry of pictures showing what I/we have been up to recently.......

Brrrrr.... What a way to start Fall!
The beautiful leaf mats was the idea given by Brenda. She has done this every year with her girls. We had a good time making these after collecting different leaves from around here. Grace, Brenda and I made several and gave most of them away to some of the relatives in the family group picture above.
As you can see, even with limitations, life does not have to be boring, especially with family who are willing to help the gimp along.
"Loneliness is worse than any ailment. With family, friendship, love and companionship, even the worst disability is bearable!" RJM
I take my thoughts above from the months I spent in the hospital. Loneliness almost consumed me at times but knowing my family and friends would be taking time out to come see me, gave me hope. Those moments of companionship meant the most to me and I looked forward to them. I cried when they left and I missed them terribly, even my Myrtle, but I immediately began to count the hours until I would see them again.
Remember those who are in the hospitals, laid up at home or are in care centers. Their very hearts and lives can depend on visits and companionship. I know that even a stranger, willing to take time to talk and share a few moments wakes up the soul to hope and happiness.


Putz said...

an update on me reva, i love my sister just in case you think that anger at me by shattering the weak window didn't she hugs me with her strong arms all the time neighbor died of cancer today....53 years feet hurt with my diabetis, i have to go back for a change in medication i am sure, and loney...i have felt that when in the hospital...miracle lady is still getting out to her boat and her grands and i pray for david and brenda the putz

Beverly said...

Hi, Reva,
Loneliness is a terrible thing, isn't it. Thank God for you family and friends who haven't forsaken you. By your photos, it looks like you've had a busy and fun summer.

I hope that you have some autumn; however, winter seems to be coming soon everywhere. A blogging friend in Winnipeg said that it was so strange to look out the window and see green leaves falling to the ground.

Jess said...

Hey reva...such a good update....and wow what a codl way to start it for sure!

The mats were a great idea...

so glad to know you are doing pretty good.

Love, Jess

Amber said...

I think visits with others in hospitals or elsewhere do as much good for the visitor and the visitee.
Spending time with friends, family or strangers is important for us all.
Love ya
Great pictures

Brenda said...

Do ya miss me?!!!!! hehe!
The leaf mats did turn out great and they look so pretty in the window like that.