My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chrisrtmas Joy!

This is where my mind is right now! Wish I was there.....

Well, I've finally returned to the blogging world after a brief (month) rest in some of my favorite private rooms at the "Inn". I would say "I'm baack!" again but then it would have been 'again' and 'again' and 'again' since I have had multiple trips to the hospital in the last month. (4 to be exact. Hence the reason it's been since November 1st since I last blogged).

I'll tell you, every time I've spent time locked up in a little room that I laughingly call my 'suite', and generally tied to my bed by cords and hoses and monitors, I feel like I've been there for ever and the four walls just keep closing in on me.

When I finally do leave I really do feel like an excapee from prison. On the way home while my husband or daughter or sister drives, I look at the world outside with a new wonder. The trees look alive and the motion of the cars is exciting. Birds in the air are a wonder and people going by just keep me busy trying to figure out what they have been doing that day.

I have actually felt like looking over my shoulder and almost felt guilty, thinking I would be in trouble for leaving. I know that may sound strange but being confined for long periods really does something to my psyche (sp?) While on the way home I begin to breathe deeper and I get excited when we drive up to the house in anticipation of seeing Myrtle again. You would not believe how much a person can miss a dog and I know she has missed me. Since I'm usually a little weaker and Myrtle would knock me over in her excitement, I stay in the car as they let her outside. She runs to my open car door and jumps up enough to kiss my face all over with love (the only time I allow her to apply her slobbers on my face). Her back end and tail are wagging back and forth so far and so fast her butt travels sideways in a wide swinging arc of wild joy! Her bully dogge face actually smiles, even with the saggy cheeks and we are in heaven, even if only for a few moments, together.

I stayed in the hospital just long enough that Rick and Brenda got the tree put up and decorated so I didn't have to lift a finger but I've been able to enjoy the scene. Now, the gift wrapping has begun and it seems to be never ending even though we really cut back this year in dollar amounts just like most people. It's a good thing Rick shops throughout the year and I got some early shopping done in early November otherwise no one would be getting much of anything. The grandkids would definitely be dissapointed but then life does happen.

Anyway, we are planning on having a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends and I am planning on being home for Christmas this year for sure and healthier too.

This year that song "I'll be home for Christmas" really does have deep meaning for me. I have had to spend Christmas in the hospital in the past and have been in right up till just a couple of days before a few times too. It's always a close call that way every year, even for Thanksgiving just as it was this year.

I know I'm going on and on about the hospital but that has literally been my life so much the last several years and I deal with it by talking about it. No sympathy needed, it's just something many people have to deal with whether because of illness or accident and then to boot, the hospital is really a lonely time during the holidays.

I know I preach this alot but if you know someone who is alone in the hospital or at home during the holidays, please give them a call or a visit or at least a nice card or a sweet. Just let them know you know they exist and you care.

SHARE yourself at Christmas!

That is the best gift you can give anyone at anytime. MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!


Susan said...

You continue to amaze me with your wonderful attitude. I pray this will be a WONDERFUL Christmas for ALL of you. I'm so glad Brenda is there with you guys.

Brenda said...

I know you've had a lot to deal with even after being home, but it sure is nice having you back home to cut up with and hang out with again.
You're a great sis!
Love ya.

Putz said...

now i can bloog to you and won't have to blog to amber, that sounds rude doesen't it??????????but amber sounded excited to ge me ack blogging to you and i am sure it is that she loves you and wants you to hqv the attention which you reqlly deserve...i have missed you anddo pray for you and isn't it wonderfull that david is ccancer free,so love you madely reva, the everlasting, never go away putz

Amber said...

"where oh where has my sweet mommy gone, oh where oh where can she be?"
oh, there you are :)
bloggy land missed you, mom

I love you!
I am glad you are home and doing well. Yeah, Christmas with mommy home and healthy!
love me,
your pesky daughter

Cruise Mom said...

Thank you for a beautiful reminder of what is really important at Christmas - family (two and four-legged) and friends. Merry Christmas!