My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Ok, so Christmas is here today and so am I! (Yea!) My husband and I are enjoying a wonderfully quiet and peaceful Christmas day together along with Myrtle of course. We opened our gifts to each other and gave Myrtle her doggie stocking full of goodies and toys. She has been chasing balls around all over the house and teasing and enticing us to play with her by bringing her ball/toy to us and bumping our legs wirh a 'playful' little growl that begs attention. It usually works and we all have a little game of throw and fetch and of course chase as she expects us to chase her from room to room. Rick does most of that of course.
Rick has been working so many hours and days for a long time and then I've spent my time away at the 'Inn" in my 'suite' (hospital) so these 4 days off this week are a real blessing and truly enjoyed. Just sitting around doing nothing together and watching Myrtle play or whine to get attention is all we need for entertainment. Oops, well almost since there is the newest discovery by my husband of the sportsmans channel where he can watch hunting and fishing all day and all night if he wants. I can join in of course and I do for a little while but enough is enough for me like right now while I'm taking this break to do a little blogging.
I have made several Christmas Day calls to family and friends which is a nice way to share the day without all the travel and hullabaloo. We still have one more day of Christmas Cheer tomorrow as we go to our in-laws for a meal and game and then home where my daughter and sister and families will gather for a little while.
No matter what religion or beliefs a person has, I think this season has a reason and all people can use it as a time to share good feelings and good food and good deeds for and with others, whether that is with family or friends or strangers just needing a helping hand. I hope you are one of those people and I hope I'm one of them too. Please look for the good in the people around you and show them the giving side of you.



Shaheen said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Putz said...

hey i didn't get a phone call, aren't i part of YOUR family???????i am so glad hubby gets to do his thing now, and that you have it so nice not being in the hospital but in your own home enjoying your dog, we had a nice christmas, my health is good, i get really really tired and am averaging 18 hours of sleep in 24, and my doctor said it is because of my diabetis, so gald for someone to say it, i had a step mother once who said, oh bosh diabetis, get out there and workd work work and forget you even have it, but when your are tired, your are tired and doing will onlty make you catch something and be sic

Brenda said...

Yes, we had a great Christmas with you and Rick!
Love ya

MOMSWEB said...

Your blog truly touched my heart this evening and reminded me that tomorrow is not promised to me. It's so easy to take life for granted. May God bless you for blessing me.

Jess said...

Hope you had happy holidays!

been missing visiting you

Love, jess

Amber said...

Glad we were able to spend so much time with you this Christmas.
love you!

cmoursler said...

I am glad you are back home and able to enjoy your family Reva.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
My blog and all the support I get on there has really helped me lose the weight.
I hope you and Rick have a very happy and healthy New year.