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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Myrtle's Fishing Woes

Remember the lovely Sunday afternoon Fishing trip we took last weekend? Remember how Myrtle went fishing for fishing hooks instead of fish? Well, here's "The Rest of the Story!"
Poor Myrtle! Here she is after surgery this evening. As I related yesterday, the vet fed her flavored cotton balls in hopes they would wrap around the hook and carry it on through her system.
When we arrived this morning, the vet took another exray which showed the hook still floating around in her tummy. The cotton balls worked but it didn't seem to want to go on through so she said surgery was a go.
They gave her the anesthesia and pain meds and opened her up. Hmmm... no hook. The vet opened her up a little more and probed all around and deeper. Still no hook. She had the other vet look as well and they searched all the small intestine too. After cleaning her up and closing her up they took another xray and found it in her colon, probably still wrapped in the cotton balls.
She said only 1% of pets (this is her 2nd), pass the item between administering the anesthisia and opening them up. Guess the meds relaxes the muscles and the item just slids quickly through the intestines. They have decided to add a new policy in their office to take one more xray after the meds and before opening the animal up, just in case this happens again.
Anyway, as you can see by the picture, Myrtle isn't exactly with it tonight. She is still groggy and droopy and somewhat weak but at least she is ok. I guess it doesn't always pay to try and save a little and end up in an area where people just don't care about anyone else but themselves and throw hooks and other trash on the ground instead of keeping the public area clean and safe for everyone including our beloved pets. Kids beware too and wear tennis shoes and not sandals or go barefoot.
On Memorial day, when we went to my Dad's house I got to splurge in my hobby of taking pictures of beautiful flowers and they definitely have an abundance. Here are a few of my favorites.


Diane J. said...

Hopefully this too shall pass -- literally! Of course even though the vet didn't actually remove the hook you'll still be billed for the surgery.

And by the way, cats swallow string and fishing line too. They're probably worse about it than dogs.

Here's hoping for a quick and full recovery for Myrtle.

Love the pics of the clematis! They've been gorgeous here this Spring too.

Love and hugs,


Jo said...

Poor baby....

Hope myrtle is feeling herself soon. She looks so pitiful in the picture.

Lorie said...

Poor Little Myrtle-God love her sweet wrinkledy self. I hope she mends quickly.Reva-a dear friend of mine in his mid 40s had sugery for colon cancer Tuesday and when they opened him up it is everywhere, they give him less than two years -he has two young girls and they are all devastated - I'm sure you know this feeling and can send up understanding prayers. Please do this for Scott and family.
I check on you daily and love when you post-cos I think that means you are having good days.
God Bless you!!!!

Amber said...

Goofy dog,
Myrtle I love you but ya gotta quit eating everything.
I'm just glad she's ok!
I love ya Mom and I'll keep coming and "rescuing" you as much as you need.
Love ya

Betty said...

I'm glad Myrtle is okay, and I love the flowers. So pretty.