My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching up

Say this in 10 seconds or less!
Yes, I know I'm late. I couldn't find the camera cord so I could download my "Funny Monday" picture I took. Is that a good excuse? Not really. Actually, my cousin came into town and is staying with me while she looks for a place of her own since she's moving here. Of course we have had to catch up until the very wee hours of the morning and then sleep in until the very late morning hours. Anyway, I'm back.
I had hoped to get this picture posted for "Silly? Monday". Looking for things we've kept well after their usefullness or any common sense would suggest. Since I've had this since the 1970's I thought it would fit the bill. (See how threadbare it is. It's almost see through in places). Remember when you could go into any McDonalds and recite this within I think it was 10 seconds and you could get a free coke or something. I can't remember all the details except that I can still recite this with gusto and well within the time limit. I talk fast as anyone I know can tell you, so this contest was no contest for me.

Wild Geese at the Pond!

Last Friday, I took my grandson to the park with Myrtle (before Myrtle went camping with my husband). We had a wonderful walk together and a a four year old has alot to share when he wants to. He noticed so many things and wanted to explore everything. It's was extremely hot and so we stopped under every tree we came to and watched the wile geese on the pond. I took some fun pictures, of course, and later he got to play on the playground equiptment for awhile. When we left we went to the store and got a treat to end the day just right.

He's my swinger!

Then, the next day I took my granddaughter to the nature center for a long walk and we both took our cameras and had ourselves a photoshoot. An almost seven year old has a good eye once she got used to looking through the lens and framing her subject. She does a great job too. I gave her one of my first little digital cameras awhile back and so she can take pictures to her hearts content. When her memory card ran out, she even took some with my big digital professional quality camera. We then, of course, had to be sure and go to the store and get a special treat just like little brother. It was another good day!

Me and my youngest grandson!

Yesterday we went to Denver and I finally got my Hickman line put back in and the nuisance PICC line removed. I am so happy. Everything went well until we left the hospital parking lot. I felt a coolness under my arm and of course it was blood. My new site was bleeding steadily. I tried to stop it with McDonalds napkins but no luck. So, I kept tight pressure on it and we headed back to the hospital. I'm glad we weren't already half way to Colorado Springs by then. The docs couldn't get it to stop at first either. They finally shot Epinephrin and Lidicaine around the site to make it stop. Finally I was all put back together and we had an uneventful trip home. I am sore today but that is to be expected and I can handle it fine. I'm just happy it's all over.

My husband came back from camping for a few hours on Sunday to switch vehicles and bring Myrtle home. She had a great time but she was homesick and cried for mama. He was also worried that when the other families showed up, Myrtle would follow some kids fishing and fall into the creek that is swollen with snow melt. She is still not afraid of water and in fact loves it. She jumped in to her neck deep already and should have gotten a shock from the literally ice cold dunking. Anyway, the current is really fast in some areas and she could be swept under. She is happy to be home I think and I am happy to have her.

Fledgling Robin or Sparrow

Gotta include this picture of a little fledgling robin or sparrow that was on our lawn last week. Myrtle found it first and sniffed her but didn't harm her. She's so gentle with other animals. Anyway, we left it alone and eventually it went under the bush to get out of the heat. I couldn't find it the next day so I hope it got it's wings under itself and back up into the nest.

Well, my shoulder is giving me fits, so guess I'd better leave this one a little shorter (bet you can deal with shorter for sure) and just point out that each day is a good day if we look for something to be happy about or to appreciate. My day has been (despite some frustrated moments) a really Good One! Hope your's was too.


It's All Good! said...

Hi Reva, That must've happened right after we talked. Glad they fixed you up ok. And glad Mona was with you.
Tell her hello for us.
Love ya,
your big little sis

linda said...

So glad that your day, and your week has been a good one. Looks like you've had some great quality time with your little grandkids, they're darling.

Thank goodness you weren't far away when you felt the bleeding...and so smart of you to quickly apply pressure. I bet you are a little sore but hope that goes away soon.

Reva, one quick question...hubby and I love Colorado and have thought about the possibility of moving there in the next few years (or Oregon/Washington). Does Colorado have many lakes/rivers? I would love to move on or near a river or lake to have a view...any suggestions. It would also have to be in an area that isn't bombarded with snowfall. I would love to get your input. You could always e-mail me ( so that we could talk. Thanks and hope to talk to you soon.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Reva. I love the one of you and your grandbaby. Such happy smiles!

I'm glad you finally got that line replaced, and as Brenda said, it's good that Mona was with you to get you back to the hospital quickly.

Hope you have a good 4th! :o)

Love and hugs,


Nancy said...

A great post! And some really nic pics, too! Loved the one with the baby! What a smile he had on his face! You could see that he loves his grandma!

Glad you got your Hickman line in. I had a friend who had several of those put in. She was on dialysis at the time.

Hope you have a fun 4th with your family!

Give Myrtle a BIG hug from you! She looks so lovable!!!


Nancy said...

Oh, me! I meant to say give Myrtle a BIG hug from me!

Betty said...

Aren't grandkids just so previous. Nothing like them, and your's are so cute. Enjoyed your post.

Charlotte said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments you made. Looks like you had a lovely day when you took these pictures. I think it's great that the little one already enjoys photography. It's nice to start young.

Jess said...

Such great pics of you and your them. Hope you and your family are doing wonderful and that you have a happy 4th of July!

Jo said...

Reva... I am so glad to hear that your trip to Denver is behind you.

Nothing is as precious as those babies and how they love their grandparents. I love my children with all my heart, but those grandchildren of mine just makes everyday worth getting up for. You remain in my heart and my prayers Reva, that you will have many more special days with your grandchildren.

Have a wonderful 4th.

Putz said...

i said it, i said it , and i didn't make a mistake, mcdonald's would just be proud of me,,,,i am getting where i don't like mcdonalds so much or carl's jr. so much anymore, i would rather stay home and make home made macroni and cheese

Lorie said...

I love the picture of you getting some baby love-I'm glad you got our line fixed-hope you have a good forth!
Be blessed!

Sammy said...

Wow Reva, you're just amazing! A true inspiration to me.

Lovely pictures. And that chubby little baby is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I justwant to eat him up! (Just as his sweet grandma is doing in the picture!)

Have a good week, Reva.


Putz said...

WHAT A NEAT BLOG, ADVICE MIXED WITH PICTURES, HOW IS YOUR HEALTH, REVA////I WENT TO THE DOC'S BECAUSE I felt the same way i did 2 years ago when i went into my coma with a blood sugar of 950, and he said cool out and sent me hom

Betty said...
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~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

HI Reva
Darling grand daughter and I am so glad the birdy was ok(:) I have had cats an baby birds in my backyard lately --it has kept me on my toes (:) Birdy SAVER that I am you know..Hugs Patty

Mary said...

What great pictures, and your grandkids are so adorable. Grandkids are great arent they? take care...Mary