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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend with Grandkids

An unusual leaf at the zoo!

What a weekend and what a week. I haven't gotten on for awhile because I couldn't get on the internet. Sometimes I'm a little dense, but I finally remembered that if I disconnect the wires and let the DSL box reset then it works. And of course it did and now it's even faster so guess it's been bogging down for awhile.
I have also been working diligently on writing my book. It has been too long since I worked on it and so then I have to reread some of it to get back into the story. I hope to share some of it for feedback soon, but I think I have to do some legal stuff first to besure it isn't stolen. Isn't it too bad we have to worry about that in order to share? Anyway, I am determined to get it done while I am healthy enough and focused enough. It's about 2 girls growing up and sharing their trials and stories when they are grown. Some of it is tough stuff but real stuff. It's a novel but based on alot of real life happenings. I hope it will make people feel blessed and realize that we can grow through things and not let life destroy us.
Now, though, my husband is getting ready to head for the hills for a week or more and he's taking our child (Myrtle). Even though she is a little bulldog she thinks she's our kid and acts like one too. It's our fault of course, but it's fun since our kids are all grown up.
It'll be interesting to see how many fish Myrtle catches, since she will probably just jump in the beaver ponds if she sees one. Of course she is a rock and will sink, so hopefully she'll pick a shallow one for Rick (my husband) to jump into to save her.
I know from experience that the fine black silt mud at the bottom of the beaver ponds acts almost like quicksand when you get stuck and boy, the black silt just doesn't wash out well. I have ruined many tennis shoes while camping and walking across beaver dams and through beaver channels. Eventually it happens and a leap or jump or slip landed us in the muck. We had to laugh though as one or the other of us came back to camp looking like the swamp monster a few times. What fun, except for the very cold snow melt water We found ourselves in. Brrrrr..
My grandchildren at the zoo!

Like Amber said in her blog, we went to the zoo on Saturday and had a grand time. Even Evan, her 4 month old son, enjoyed the trip and really liked looking at the otters swimming around. The glass was from the floor up and we could see all through the tank as they swam around and played with each other.
My 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter visiting the otters!

All boy!
Their cousins came along including our autistic granddaughter. She did very well except for her escape and our search and rescue to find her. She was heading for the exit and the car and probably decided it was time to go home. Sometimes autistic kids get something in their heads and that's all they can think of. Since she doesn't speak more than a few words here and there and mostly repeating what she is told, she just saw the door open and ran for it. The two mommys went on the search and left the other 5 kids with me. We did fine though, eating animal crackers by the handful. Anytime like that is scary of course and she's done this before. Her mom is going to get a GPS device that she can have her wear and then she'll be able to find her if it happens in a bad place. I will definitely be happy when she can get it. Anyway, it didn't take long and we were on our way again.
Me and Izaiah

Oh, and I also got to see another of my grandson's, Izaiah Lee, that I haven't seen since the day he was born. Wow, what a difference 8 long months makes. From such a little guy to one that is crawling, standing and beginning to walk already. A happy boy too and even though he didn't know me he was friendly and enjoyed the little cardboard books I gave him. It's so good to hold and play with little ones. So precious and innocent. Love it!
As an update on my stuff, I am hopefully going back to Denver next week to get this PICC line out of my arm and another Hickman line put in my chest. This line in my arm is the pitts and has been bleeding everyday since it is too close to my elbow. Also, they have been trying to get my coumadin levels up and they got it up too high. Right now I am 'slick' or 'slippery' they said. That means my blood is way too thin and I don't dare get a cut. We'll probably get it straightened out just in time to do it all over again when they change the lines next week. Oh well, guess it's worth it this time. I just hate using the Lovanex though since it is a shot in the belly. Yuck!
To end on a happy note, I am feeling pretty well otherwise and am enjoying working on my book. That will be another way I can gift myself is in writing something for my family and friends to enjoy and hopefully others too.


jennifer said...

You brave lady! Keeping all five Kiddos!

I was so happy to hear from you. Please come by again! We are in the middle of a MAJOR move, and I am not getting around Blogland the way I would like. But by Mid July, things should be back to normal. Praise God!!!!

Your husband sounds like a dear man.

Be blessed Reva.


Jan said...

That was a weird leaf. But I love it. Thanks for sharing that shot.

Hope your husband has fun with the dog. Glad you could be with your family and good luck to you Reva on all the things your facing right now.

Blessings to you.


Jess said...

So glad that you had a good weekend with grandkids and also that you are feeling better. And I would love to read some of your book sometime!

Sammy said...

Hi Reva,

Your books sounds wonderful! I can't wait to read the parts you share here, although I think you are very smart to protect your work. I agree with you that it is unfortunate, but very necessary. The story sounds terrific, and what a blessing that it is giving you such joy to work on.

I love that you collect miniatures too! :-) I'd love to see your collection. I have SO many and I just love all of them. As I was packing today I came across a box full of miniatures that I hadn't even displayed. In the new house I'll have more space, so I really should put them all out.

Great photos! :-)

Have a great week,

Betty said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves at the zoo. The zoo is always a fun place to visit. I'm glad you are feeling pretty good.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Reva, It looks like you did have a busy week-end with your grands and family.It wasn't too hot to walk around the zoo?? Your grandkids are so cute and when I enlarge the picture , I can see their great smiles .. Grands are wonderful...

When you finish writing your book, I will buy a sounds like it will be an interesting story..

My tea set on my blog is a miniature one, but full size sets are for sell from the gift shop I visited..
Have a good day .. hugs, Baba

Diane J. said...

You're so fortunate to have several grandchildren. I love Emmy and would love to have at least one more grandbaby, but it looks like Emmy will be my only one unless God intervenes. I'm blessed that God allowed Jessica to have Emmy and I'm so thankful that Jessica doesn't have cancer or any other life threatening diseases.

I love the zoo and it's been years since I was able to go. Maybe we can take Emmy sometime. She loves animals as much as I do!

That leaf is unusual. I sure would like to know what it is.

Hope you and your hubby each enjoy your time in the next week. As much as my hubby and I love each other, it does us both good for us to have some time to do our own thing every once in a while.

Take care of yourself, and I hope you can get that line taken out and the Hickman put in without any complications. I suppose your infection is clearing up since you didn't mention it this time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Reva. :o)

Love and hugs,


Putz said...

me too, i' m glad jess is ok, and reva i hope you can have much ENERGY

Jo said...

Reva, thank you for coming by Childhood Stolen. I work on it a little at a time...when it gets too much for me I let it set for a while. I am looking forward to reading what you will be able to share with us.

I love the zoo. The last time we went was about 5 years ago. I am thinking we need to go again sometime soon.

Sure hope that everything goes ok when you go to Denver. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Nancy said...

Hi Reva,

Great post! Loved the pics of the grandchildren! You are so very fortunate to have them! Sounded like a fun day at the zoo with them!

Hope all goes well for you in're in my prayers!


It's All Good! said...

Hi Reva, Izaiah is so cute. Glad you got to visit with him.
I can't wait to do the 'zoo' thing with everyone when we get there!
Love ya,
your big little sis