My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A hot weekend to enjoy

Yesterday, since Myrtle has gotten her freedom from her stitches and staples, she and I took a walk down through the nature park to the Fountain Creek. You would think that after her mishaps so far this spring with fish hooks and almost drowning, she would be a little more cautious around water. But, dear Myrtle takes each day as it comes and looks for new adventures. She had no fear as we neared the river and took a run for it dragging me along behind her. It's a good thing I tightened her collar so that it wouldn't slip over her head cause she sure did want to go swimming. Since there was a good current and she can swim as well as a rock, I had to keep her in the shallows. It was pretty warm out, even though I took her in the moring before 11:00am, and the water was a welcome relief for her.

Guess who got a much needed and a not so much wanted bath. You guessed it. She was not very happy about it but she let me wash her, with a pout, and actually does like it after the first few minutes until it's time to rinse off her head with a cup of water. Not so fun, and she let's me know it. As most dogs (and people) do, she felt great afterwards and romped all over the house working at getting Dad to play keep away with her toys.

Along the way and even at home I always notice flowers and I just had to take some pictures. My husband, the sweet man that he is, cut off the first blooming rose from our bush outside and gave it to me. Don't tell him I told you though, cause he's shy. He can't even stand to have his picture taken and tries to avoid it when he can. I have a few good ones of him when I can catch him just right.

Today we went to visit our other two little granddaughters. The oldest is Autistic but is doing better now. She just got a really neat little computer that helps her to communicate. She does say a word or two once in awhile and does some sign language, but this will help her in school and when she is with other people the most. She can find the picture of what she is trying to say, and when she touches the screen a voice says what she is asking or telling them. She is really enjoying it and her mommy is customizing it for her personal needs and abilities so she can make the most of it. Her little sister is a pistol and claims Grandpa as her own and doesn't mind letting her sister or me know that. She loves him and of course Grandpa always, always brings them each a sweet treat. It was nice to spend a little time with them again. Since my medical stuff started, we haven't seen them as much because, with autism, they sometimes have lower immune systems and get sick easily, which she did. Since I am on anti-rejection medication for my transplanted kidney, I can't and neither can my husband be around anyone with any kind of bug or catching illness. The doctor's finally took out her tonsils recently and she has been doing great ever since. Yea!

The MEN, my Dad, my husband and my brother are up doing some night fishing at Eleven Mile Resevoir right now. It'll be late when they get in and I hope they finally have some luck. Yesterday, when my husband took his Dad to Brush Hollow to fish in the little fishing boat, they each caught one. Rick got a rainbow trout and Mac got a walleye.
Tomorrow, my step daughter and step son are coming over for a BBQ for Father's Day so it should be fun. My daughter has three other Dad's to attend to including her husband so we'll just see her later.
I am actually going to keep this one fairly short and happy today. I love these kind of pleasant and relaxing days, don't you?


It's All Good! said...

Hi Reva, Glad you had a great day. Myrtle is one crazy dog! I'd like to take a walk with you down to the river when we come up. Grace would love that!
Tell Rick Happy Dad's Day for us!
We love you,
your big little sis!

Jan said...

love the picture of Myrtle in the tub. Hilarious.

I LOVE walleye. IT's my favorite white fish. I am so glad when my hubby brings me home one of those yummies.

Looks like a great relaxing day for you and your family. I just think that is perfect.

Have a continued great weekend.

Diane J. said...

Myrtle is definitely pouting in the tub, LOL! ;o) I'm glad she's doing so much better.

It was nice to see a picture of you so I can put a face with your blog "voice".

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and wish your hubby a Happy Father's Day from me! :o)

Love and hugs,


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Reva, My husband beings me a rose from outside too..wishing your hubby and male relatives a " happy father's day"...
I went over and visited your daughter Amber...Your grands are so cute... Have a good day. hugs, Baba

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Oh The girls are darling and the Myrtle doggy (:) I found you through Brenda.. Hope you have a wondeful day ..Hugs Patty

It's All Good! said...

Hi Reva, just a heads up. In your 'friends and family' sidebar...when I click on them the 'internet can't display' page comes up. The only ones that work are Amber's, mine and Jess'. Just a little tweaking I'm sure.
Love ya,
your big little sis!

Jess said...

Hope that you have a wonderful week ahead. It was nice to see a pic of you and also Myrtle is a hoot!

Sammy said...

Myrtle is the cutest!! What sweet pictures. Love the one of her in the bath! There's a definite scowl on her face! :-)

Have a wonderful week,

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

HI Reva..
Oh thanks on the fluzzie/flapper girl pictures ,I know they are so fun glad you liked them.. will be back looking for your next post..
hugs Patty

Nancy said...

Hi Reva,

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I appreciate your comment! Thank you!

Poor Myrtle! I went back and read some of your older posts to see what had happened to her. She reminds me of the boxer I grew up with. I am an animal lover, all kinds, but stick to cats as they are easier for me to care for...they can take themselves to the bathroom! LOL I have 33 of them, all inside, but separated in 3 different areas. I have 12 ferals in my large laundry room, 8 in my office, and then 13 in the part of the house where I live. So it's not as bad as it sounds. They are all good cats, no fleas, no worms, no diseases, and all are spayed/neutered. Keeps me busy scooping litter boxes as I check them every hour all day long! Thank goodness, I work from home!

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus many years ago, and at the time, my prognosis was just 6 years. Well, it's been about 30 years now, and I'm still here. My last test results were good, doctor said my bloodwork levels were very low, and I am not showing any signs of it at this time, so it is is remission. The arthritis is still with me, though. It was a rough road, but I turned to God every day since all those years ago. I think that's why I am still here.

Do drop by anytime! I see you are new to blogging, too. I just started this past Janaury myself, and I am hooked on it now!!!

Have a good week and visit me again!


Putz said...

actually reva, i am about your age and have had a stroke and being a diabetic have been in two comas 950 was my blood sugar, and one heart attack, my boy gave me a priesthood blesssing and brought me back to earth on one of my episodes, i am from utah, and you from colorado, and as you can see from my blog i like to make new friends..oh also i have four dogs and one cat...i know jess and sammy...jess featured me on her blog because i wanted to know about arkansas

Lorie said...

Reva, Just checking in on ya, love the picture of you and the grandkids, you look happy and so do they! Glad Myrtle is better.
You are a blessing!!!
Hugs, Lorie