My blog is a way for me to share in the wonder of each day. I know there are others like me that due to medical issues have our days numbered and would like to make the most of them in a positive and gifting way for ourselves and for those around us.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Keep on keepin on

Two patients in recovery.

Myrtle is getting better but chomping at the bit. Due to the 2 surgerys and still having staples and stitches in her stomach, we have had to keep Myrtle tied down pretty tite. No running, jumping or rolling over to play. No hard food, only small quantities of soft or mushy food at any one time and no chewing on logs, sticks, household or otherwise unedible items.
Today, she just couldn't help it. My stepson Mike came over and Myrtle just loves Mike. She had to show off when she got hold of a dog toy and chased all over the house. There was no catching her, she was too fast with pent up energy and charged around like the little freight train that she is. She ran so fast she jumped up onto the couch and bounced off of the back rest and onto the cushions. Fortunately she didn't fall off and land on her head or her stomach.
Her tummy seems to be ok, even after her runaround game although I did do a warm washcloth compresws for awhile, so hopefully the last trip to the vet will be this Thursday when they remove the stitches and staples. She will be so very very happy and ready or not, the back yard will be covered in record time as she runs free spirited without a leash. We are all looking forward to that for sure.
On Friday, my hickman IV line that was infected, was removed and a temporary PICC IV line was added in my left upper arm. What a pain, literally and figuratively. I didn't realize how much of a pain it was going to be until I had to change my medication tubing and tank. It's impossible to unscrew the lines and replace them when the hookup joint is right at the inside of my elbow area. I didn't think about it until I had the pump and tubing ready to go, gloves on and cleaning solutions ready at hand. Then suddenly I looked down and realized my left hand fingers just weren't going to reach the hookups. I was glad my husband was at home so he could help me get the hookups done.
Then, today, I decided I would shower and then change the dressings at both sites, but, guess what..again the one-handed rule came into play. The advising nurse I called said I could not and should not atempt to do it one handed and that I needed a change partner every time I wanted to change it. (That being every other day, it could be a problem). Fortunately, my daughter, Amber, with her 3 kids in tow, came over and did it for me. She has CNA training already so it wasn't something new for her. What a jewel. I am so independant that it bothers me to have to ask someone else to do things for me, especially every other day for who knows how long.
The other site that is infected may need an IV medication to get rid of it and I sure hope the doctor tommorow doesn't suggest that. They can't use the line I have now for more than the medicine it's meant for so they would probably have to add another one. Hmm...I only have two arms so this could be really big mess and a complete hassle. Why wasn't this during the winter when I would just be inside keeping warm anyway. Why during the summer when I want to be outside in the yard or at the park or anywhere else.
I could keep complaining but that wouldn't get me anywhere but in more discomfort by focusing on it so guess I'll stop now. I guess I don't have to like it, but just go on with it anyway.
I am still hoping to connect with other's in the blogging world who have physical or medical drawbacks and who want to share good and bad times just to keep an even keel about our lives.
I do still keep my goals formost in my thoughts each day, remembering that I need to continue to clean out and throw or give away things I'm finished with or want certain people to have now. Other things, I am marking or putting into those large plastic containers from Walmart, with a name marked on each. Then whenever I come across something I want to give to someone I just add it to their container. After I'm gone, they can get the container or containers with their name. No one else will have to sort through and decide who they think I wanted to give something to or whatever. It will hopefully help make things easier and faster and the recipiant will know that I wanted those items especially for them.
I especially put in kids school keepsakes or little crafts they made for me over the years in school and track and field day ribbons, etc. Hopefully it will be fun for them to go through one day and remember back when.
I really hope having these things will help my adopted children that have been having a really hard time the last several years and have even stopped having contact with me. It is really unfortunate when teenagers get into harmful activitites and parents have to show tough love. Kids, especially kids who have extra questions about themselves, have a hard time with feeling loved when rules end up being a contender and they feel they need to fight them. I know that my almost dying the last few years, did affect their bonds with fear of loss. I hope that they will someday be able to recognize that I always and formost did and do love them. Maybe these little things from their childhood will bring back a little of their feelings of being loved and wanted. I still hurt over some of the past, but it's all in God's hands now and I've done all I can do for them except to keep on loving them.
For today, my daughter has gifted herself to me in her unselfish giving of time and help with my PICC line. Thank you dear daughter...
Any of you have wonderfull and gifting relatives and friends? I sure do!


Jan said...

Yes I am gifted with a good family and friends. I am posting about that tomorrow. I know that we are in God's hands and I am so thankful for that knowledge. Take care to you and Myrtle.

It's All Good! said...

I just wish I could be there to help too. You've are such a giver, Reva, it is ok to let loved ones take care of you. Don't feel like it's a burden. You would do the same thing for us. I love you so much!
your big little sis.

Jess said...

Hi Reva...I just wanted to stop by and visit...I will definately be a regular now. You have a beautiful blog full of love and compassion. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I will definately go visit Amber.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Jo said...

I wish we could read Myrtle's mind and see what she thinks about not being allowed to run and romp and play. I hope that her trip to the vet proves to be a good one and she wins her freedom again.

I can completely understand your feelings about depending on others to help us. I can't tell you how many times JD has lectured me on not letting him know when my blood sugar level are almost dangerously high or low. Or when I muck along and do what I think are my responsibilities while I am in such bad pain from the fibromyalgia. I just find it difficult to break that habit of being independent.

Lorie said...

I am sorry for your difficulties with Myrtle and your IV"S. Just remember to let the people who love you help you all they can so they have no regrets. You rae prayed for more than you know!
Be blessed!

Diane J. said...

Hi, Reva. I'm glad Myrtle is doing well and should have a clean bill of health soon.

Hopefully your infection can be treated with oral antibiotics and you won't have to have another line.

I'm blessed with loving and giving family who step in when needed, and they know I'll do all I can for them when I'm needed. You can't ask for much more in this life.

Have a great rest of your week and take care. :-)

Love and hugs,